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Snow on the mountain


Bishop Weed - Snow on the Mountain


The Snow on the Mountain, 'Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum', also known as Bishop Weed, is one of the most popular groundcovers on the market today.


With its variegated foliage, it is one of a kind. ‘Snow on the Mountain’ forms a quick, dense, weed-proof carpet that is easy to grow, even in difficult conditions.


It should be planted in full sun but will tolerate morning shade.  To prevent from seeding, the white flower heads should be removed; this will also help keep it looking tidy.


‘Snow on the Mountain’ has a plant height of 10-15” and a plant spread of 1-2’.  ‘Snow on the Mountain’ is great as a ground cover or used in mass plantings.  It is rabbit and deer resistant and extremely drought tolerant.


The plants can be mowed, on a high setting, a few times a year; regenerate the foliage in mid-summer when it starts weakening.


Make sure you plant ‘Snow on the Mountain’ in an area where it can be contained!


* Ground cover


* Variegated foliage


* Invasive


snow on the mountain plant