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Family - Aquifoliaceae

Also known as Schillings Dwarf Holly, this compact, low growing and naturally mounding shrub is a cultivar of a male plant propagated by cuttings. Normally growing to a height of four to six feet this plant can have a spread of six to 10 feet.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly is an excellent choice for low, formal hedges, foundation plantings or it can be used as a tall ground cover when planted on three to five foot centers. This plant is very similar to Dwarf Yaupon 'Nana', another cultivar of this native Holly. Schillings Dwarf has slightly smaller leaves and stature.

U.S.D.A. Zones - 7 through 10.

Slow to moderate rate of growth. Full sun to light shade, not fussy about soil composition, will grow in slightly alkaline to acidic soil pH. Tolerant of drought, salt air and a moderate amount of salt in the soil. When pruning, care should be taken to keep the lower branches slightly longer than the upper ones to help prevent the lower ones from being shaded out by the uppers.