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Miami Supreme Gardenia


Gardenia 'Miami Supreme'

Gardenia augusta 'Miami Supreme'



   Product Details

   Height (potentially, at maturity): 3-8 feet

   Spread: 2-5 feet

   Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade

   Unique characteristics: We only grow the 'Miami Supreme' grafted variety because it is our opinion that they are the most nematode resistant. (Nematodes are small round worms that live in the soil and eat roots). These Gardenias are hardy, very fragrant and prolific bloomers.

   Flower Color: White

   Fertilizer Requirements: 12-6-8 per our instructions

   Drought Tolerance: Medium

   Salt Tolerance: Low

   Tips and Tricks: The first step is to always plant them in enriched soil like our Abell's Mix or another incorporation of quality compost. Once established, you want to make sure they get a good soaking as needed.

miami supreme gardenia