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Burford Holly

Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii', Burford Holly


There is nothing new about Burford Holly since it is commonly used as a shrub and kept small with pruning. What is new is training it into a small tree for parking lots islands, patios, even street side plantings. This holly does well in full sun or part shade and is very tolerant of drought. In fact they are so resistant to drought that cut stems last a long time and can be used in flower arrangements. Flowering and subsequent fruiting is reduced in shady locations. It is well suited for low-maintenance landscapes which receive little or no irrigation or fertilizer after trees are established. It has performed well in parking lot islands with little or no irrigation in central and northern Florida.


Burford Holly is surprisingly flood tolerant - better than any other hollies tested by Dr. Tom Ranney. This plant is considered mostly allergy free and causes little or no allergy problems in most people. Plants in containers tolerate moderate soil salt solutions up to about 4 mmhos/cm according to the saturated media extract method.


Plants can be limbed up to form a multi-trunked small tree well suited for the patio or in another location requiring a small tree. The canopy fills with a dense thicket of foliage which makes a good rousting site for birds. Trees have also been used along streets where overhead power lines limit usage of large trees. It also does well in small sidewalk cutouts. This plant grows too tall to be used as a hedge. The Dwarf Burford is better suited for this purpose although this too grows to more than 15 feet tall.


Wood is considered diffuse porous meaning that there is little difference in size of pores between spring and summer wood.

burford holly